Construction, Energy & Utility

    Construction, Energy & Utility

    At Patterns, we understand the intricate demands and challenges faced by core engineering companies in disciplines such as civil, mechanical, electrical, manufacturing, quality assurance/quality control, and process automation. Our mission is to forge meaningful connections between highly specialized niche talents and the preeminent companies at the forefront of these industries.

    Recognizing the unique challenges in securing top-tier engineering talent, we dedicate our time to truly comprehend each candidate's strengths, expertise, and aspirations. Our goal is to establish enduring connections, ensuring every match aligns seamlessly with your organization's needs and objectives.

    We operate on the fundamental values of transparent communication and unwavering trust, providing an unrivaled level of service in the engineering staffing and recruitment domain. Our team of Subject Matter Experts seamlessly collaborate to craft tailored solutions, leveraging their unique expertise and unwavering focus to excel in swiftly connecting you with highly specialized professionals possessing niche skills in core engineering disciplines.

    Whether you require civil engineers with expertise in structural design, geotechnical analysis, or transportation infrastructure, mechanical engineers proficient in HVAC systems, equipment design, or manufacturing processes, or electrical engineers skilled in power distribution, control systems, or instrumentation, we have the resources to meet your needs efficiently.

    Our extensive network spans across utilities, engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) companies, independent power producers (IPPs), general contractors, and prominent renewable energy developers throughout the United States. We take pride in serving industry leaders, shaping a brighter future for our employees, communities, and the environment.

    Partner with Patterns as your market-leading choice for core engineering staffing and recruitment needs, and experience the exceptional difference firsthand. Our dedication to setting new benchmarks in efficiency and our unwavering commitment to your success will ensure a seamless integration of top-tier talent into your organization.

    Industries we work for: 

    • Civil Engineering
    • Structural Engineering
    • Environmental Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Geotechnical Engineering
    • Transportation Engineering
    • Water/ Waste water Resources Engineering
    • Energy Engineering
    • Industrial Engineering

    Best placed Engineering positions

    • Industrial Engineer
    • Manufacturing Engineer
    • Quality Engineer
    • Automation Engineer
    • Process Engineer
    • Packaging Engineer
    • Materials Engineer
    • Reliability Engineer
    • Lean Manufacturing Engineer
    • Supply Chain Engineer


    Here is a list of industries that we have worked with.

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