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In today’s competitive landscape, every business has its own workforce challenges. Some businesses:

  • Have difficulty finding the right talent/skill set
  • Can’t find the right cultural fit
  • Don’t have access to the best candidate pool
  • Are unable to find employees that share their values
  • Have payroll costs they can’t justify for the talent they have
  • Have trouble finding employees that can evolve with the industry

Whether you face these generic workforce challenges or have specialized needs based on your industry requirements or business model, Patterns is the one-stop workforce solutions provider you are looking for.

Businesses of every scale and from every industry face workforce-related challenges, especially in today’s dynamic market where talent and workforce need to constantly evolve to stay ahead of the curve. Even if you have a functioning HR department, you may still need to outsource some tasks and take advantage of the effective workforce solutions Patterns is equipped to provide.

We have over a decade of experience helping a wide array of businesses with their workforce challenges. You can count on us to find workforce solutions that cater to your business’s specific needs. Since we have access to a much larger talent pool, advanced testing, and screening capabilities, and we follow the best hiring practices, our workforce solutions are productive and efficient.

At Patterns, our recruitment experts work in close coordination with you (or directly with you, if you opt for managed services) to find the ideal workforce solutions for your organization. Our process starts with understanding your workforce needs and challenges, reading your industry’s job market “terrain,” and finding you the perfect candidate(s).

Our Workforce Solutions

Each organization has specific talent needs and requirements. Therefore, each workforce solution is a bit different. But they tend to fall under certain pre-defined categories.

Temporary Staffing

The “life-cycle” cost of an employee includes the amount you spend on hiring them, and it can get quite pronounced when hiring temporary staff for your organization. Finding the right fit is important, but if you are spending a significant amount of money in acquiring a resource, it can become an overhead liability. That’s where a firm like ours can be your ally. We are equipped to fulfill your temporary staffing needs at minimal time and optimized financial cost, and prevent short-term hires from adding (needlessly) to your project cost. We can also help you deal with complex workforce requirements like consultants, specialized skilled workers, freelancers, contract staffing, teams, contingent staffing etc.

Temp-To-Hire Solutions

The right workforce is one of the greatest assets a successful business can have, but there is only so much you can learn about an employee’s talent and potential during the hiring process. Many talented individuals shine brighter in an actual work environment, and that’s why temporary placements make ideal talent pools. Businesses get to witness the potential of their temporary employees firsthand, and we can ease employees’ transition from temporary to permanent positions. This saves businesses an extra round of recruitment and, consequently, their time and money. It also saves onboarding time and cost.

Permanent Placement Services

For any business, finding the right permanent resource can be challenging, especially when hiring for senior-level positions. We combine both traditional recruiting (candidates actively searching for a job) and passive candidate sourcing (employed candidates) to give you access to the broadest talent pool possible. For senior positions, we leverage our affiliate network to determine interest, expectations and conduct a pre-screening to ensure that you focus only on candidates that would be ideally suited for your organization and the vacant positions.

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