A new way of doing Business

The way we do business is changing. Thanks to new and disruptive technologies and a rapidly evolving competitive landscape, companies have to adapt and become more agile or risk losing their business. This needs to change, and keeping up with the most updated trends and practices has given rise to project-based hiring.

Project-based hiring is no longer concentrated in specific industries now. More and more companies are beginning to realize its benefits and are leveraging the strength of this recruitment practice to fuel their growth.

Patterns – Your Premier Project-Based Hiring Consultants

Every company’s hiring needs are different, whether it’s for a project or a permanent position. And project-based hiring needs to be held to the same value and operational standards and often higher competency standards than regular recruitment.

At Patterns Hiring, we understand the complexities and nuances of project-based hiring for several industries. We handle more than just hiring. We help our partner businesses identify their project recruitment needs, create potential team structures, develop a hierarchy for management, and consult them for the best communication practices so that the project team integrates seamlessly with the existing workforce.

With over a decade of experience in recruiting both permanent and temporary employees and, more importantly, keeping pace with the evolving talent demands of different industries, we’ve developed keen project-based hiring practices that have proven successful for our partners’ businesses time and time again. And for every project, we strive to stay true to our motto of finding the best fit for your business.

Our Project-Based Hiring Solutions

Every project is different, and we treat it differently. However, over the years, we’ve seen many patterns emerge in project-based hiring, and we’ve come up with three standard solutions that can benefit you. However, that doesn’t mean we are bound by the limitations of rigid, pre-packaged project-based hiring solutions. We tailor our approach to match our clients’ needs for every single project we undertake.

Bulk Hiring

Some projects require both high quality and a sizeable quantity of candidates, usually within a limited time frame. For some projects, we meet this need by using pre-screened “clusters” of candidates within our talent pool (based on competencies, geography, career level, and other prerequisites). For others, we leverage the characteristic power of our technical test tools to rapidly test a large array of candidates and find the ideal fit for your project needs.

Team Services

Building specialized teams to take on the whole project or a specific segment of a large project is our forte. We excel at finding candidates with unique skill sets, which makes us ideal partners for businesses that are undertaking cutting-edge growth projects.

Managed Staffing Service

Whether you are looking for in-house partners for a series of projects or a long-term relationship with a premier recruitment company like Patterns, you can take advantage of our managed staffing solution. Allow us to hire the best candidates for the projects that can transform your company into its ideal shape.

Most companies seeking project-based employees and teams are usually confronted with cost constraints. To facilitate such clients, we offer multiple, flexible fee structures (fixed, variable, combination, and rate card) and help keep their overhead costs minimal and predictable.

Why Should You Consider Project-Based Hiring?

Project-based recruitment comes with some inherent strengths that you can leverage at different stages of your business’s life cycle, regardless of the industry. They include:

  • You can keep staffing costs minimal and need-based. It allows you to hire more when business is thriving and keep minimal staff during lean times.
  • You have access to a much larger talent pool (and fresh talent) since you can also hire (part-time) top talent that’s already engaged or exclusively freelances.
  • Project-based hiring saves time. There is minimal onboarding, and crucial positions can be filled faster.
  • It allows smaller businesses to hire talent that they might not have otherwise attracted (by offering competitive compensation).

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